SKITZOS!, THE: Faster! Louder! Better!: 7” EP

Mar 27, 2008

The Skizos! use exclamation marks everywhere! Punctuating their band name! And their EP title! And their song titles! And following each band member’s name! They make a good first impression. On the cover they’re gathered beneath a comforter—somewhat like the Who on The Kids Are Alright—and they’re looking at a Motörhead album with a Shadow comic on deck. They’re goofy Canadians cranking out goofy hardcore that reminds me of A.O.D., Ferd Mert, or those early I Farm 7”s. They even drop in a bit of Rush’s “Spirit of the Radio” at the beginning of “Watch Out!,” which probably qualifies the Skitzos! for tons of grant money from the Canadian government. So what’s not to like? The songs. They didn’t stick like I wanted them to.

 –Mike Faloon (Longshot)