Jul 13, 2006

From the first note on this release, you know you are going to get an ass kickin.’ The production is so big that it would make most bands out there sell off their little sister to get that kind of sound. Guitar sound that is crunchy, big, and bold. Bass that sounds punchy and bottom heavy with a light touch of distortion. Drums that have been tuned and miced well so that you can hear every item that is being punished. Vocals that are sung in the Swedish dialect with English translations provided for lyrical understanding of what is being sung in a throaty yelled delivery. This now long-running band continues to be one of the premier bands in the crust genre. Fast and strong songs with metallic overtones that are exciting and not one song is a throw away. Sweden produces a lot of bands that are good and this band epitomizes what is so good about the bands from that country. A seasoned band that clearly shows newcomers that they need to bring their “A” game if they have to play on the same bill with them.

 –don (Havoc)