Aug 01, 2006

Montreal is way up there. There are several one man type bands from up that way right now. Something strange and unique is going on up in the French-speaking city. Blues. I would think there might be some more connection to Cajun music. It’s interesting; I’m not sure what the driving force behind all this is, and that doesn’t matter. What does matter, is if this is something that you should get your hands on? The answer is yes. Skip has another band that I know of, and that’s the Demons Claws. Freakin’ great stuff with that band as well. The point is that this is a good CD to get you into some other stuff and expand your horizons with. You know, learn some French, get across the border, head north, and listen to the foot shakin’ jingles on this CD.

 –guest (Delta Pop Music)

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