SKINLESS: 4-song: 7" EP

May 27, 2009

My exposure to speed metal, ever since the '80s crossover debacle, has been limited. I hated DRI and COC becoming hair shakers and riffing out, but I didn't mind Slayer's stuff up until God Hates Us All. Go figure. Imagine Slayer circa Rein in Blood with a goat getting his nuts hammered by a circus mallet, a goblin doing the backup screams, and some slight rhyming going on. Ultimately, I don’t know what's scarier – Skinless' claim of "never ending pain" or their business acumen to release a demo as a 7" with "a twenty second exposition of the finest moments" on their upcoming album. Anywho, the die cut cover looks fuckin' cool. Looks like an H.R. Geiger throwing star.

 –todd (Hater of God)