SKIMMER: Smitten: 2 x CD

Jan 14, 2010

This two-CD release is a discography of all of Skimmer’s releases from 1993-1998. The first disc consists of six seven-inchers and some demos, while disc two is their Vexed LP and a few outtakes. I like Skimmer’s poppy, poppy, and yet-still-more poppy punk sound, but at times it got a bit old. But, good stuff when considered as a whole. My biggest problem is, in fact, the whole: because of the sheer mass of the record (fifty-two songs, what a bargain!) the tunes frequently started to run together and everything wound up sounding the same with nothing really standing out. I suspect that if I heard Skimmer (this was my first Skimmer-time) in shorter blasts of context such as the individual seven inchers, I’d have a much more positive reaction. Good photos, flyer art, and liner notes on the recording sessions are included, too.

 –Eric Carlson (Crackle)