SKIDS: Scared to Dance: CD

Nov 10, 2008

Although a bit more obscure to the average contemporary punk/new wave enthusiast, the Skids enjoyed quite a bit of popularity at the dawn of the ‘80s, when their “Into the Valley” single was a hit on the British charts. Listening to this, their debut album, a quarter century later, it occurs to me that their quirky take on punk rock would’ve made barely a ripple if not for the considerable talents of Stuart Adamson, whose distinctive guitar style was a direct influence on U2’s the Edge, and was later put to great use in Adamson’s post-Skids band, Big Country, whose “In a Big Country” single was quite the U.S. hit in the early ‘80s. This is more than just a curio, however, as there are some interesting tunes to be found here, none of which easily fit in the stereotypical “punk” pigeonhole, but then again, that sense of experimentation is what made so much of the early punk output such a fun listen.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)

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