SKEPTICS: Black, Lonely & Blue: LP

May 20, 2014

French garage with reverby male vocals augmented by reverby female backing vocals, garnished with the occasional hunk of fuzz over the top. FEEL THE SNARL OF THE RELENTLESS TAMBOURINE! Pebbles for breakfast, now and forever! This doesn’t really reinvent the genre or anything, but this is a genre that does not unduly esteem self-reinvention. BEST SONG: “Too Much to Bear.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Black, Lonely & Blue.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Sadly, “Everything I Do Is Wrong” is not a cover of the old Me & Them gem, but, on the bright side, “Sweet Mary” is not the Steve Miller song of similar nomenclature, either. 

 –norb (Groovie,