SKEMÄTA: Self-titled: LP

May 05, 2015

Gotta admit, my initial gut response to this was, “Oh, for fuck’s sake. First we have a global scourge of a billion bands basing careers on pretending to be Discharge, now we’re gonna have a wave of American bands pretending to be Scandinavian bands pretending to be Discharge?!” It’s an easy dismissal to make, ‘cause facts bein’ what they is, this is conceptually little more than a wholesale mooshing of Wolfpack, Totalitär, and Skitsystem with all the bluster, guttural vocals, and metal flourishes of those bands in full evidence. What makes me refrain from tossing this out the nearest window in disgust is, wonder of wonders, they fucking pull it off. In fucking spades, no less. This is just as scathing, tight, and immediate as some of the best stuff the Scandinavian wing of Cal-worshippers has put across in recent decades. No faint praise, that. It may not be all that original, but it is definitely a monster.

 –jimmy (Sorry State,