SKEEMIN’ NOGOODS: Skeemin’ NoGoods: CD

Oct 23, 2007

Sometimes records come with a host of expectations: a one-sheet hyping members past bands or possibly a publicist tossing out a handful of comparisons at you. The Skeemin’ NoGoods showed up without much fanfare—just another disc slipped in with a handful of others in a padded manila envelope. And then sometimes, when you slip it in the CD changer and press play, your whole world gets rearranged. And that’s what happened to me with the Skeemin’ NoGoods. Cut one (“I Want Something”) jumps out at you with the fervor of classic speedball punk; think Johnny Thunders filtered through more beer and bands like The Humpers or Riverboat Gamblers. I’m thinking, “This is good shit,” but secretly hoping it doesn’t go down as predictably as a twelve-pack of PBR. By track two (“Politicians”), an Agnostic Front street punk styled run-up about dirty politics, and I’m totally thrown off course for my predictions. Then, the band has the fucking balls to follow up these with “Punch the Clock,” an infectious ‘70s rocker than recalls Cheap Trick and Thin Lizzy respectively. Fuck me. So I Google their ass and find out that they are on the Dallas-based label Idol Records which is home to VH1’s Band On The Run winners Flickerstick and aging Lollapalooza staples from ’95-’96 Sponge. Now I’m even more confused. Add to the fact that the band is from Detroit, features John Speck (formerly of Fags, The Paychecks), and none other than Ron Sakowski of Necros, Laughing Hyenas, Easy Action fame on bass, and drummer Chuck Burns (I apologize for not referencing past acts here, but goddamn, this guy definitely splinters his sticks when he plays) and you’ve got one of the hardest three-piece bands I’ve ever heard. And they do a cover of fucking Skrewdriver’s “I Don’t Like You.” Fuck me again.

 –greg (Idol)