Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips, The: By Jim Phillips 208 pgs. By Ty

Nov 26, 2007

Anyone who has had anything to do with skateboarding in the ‘80s will instantly recognize the artwork of Jim Phillips. His cartoony monsters and gore almost define an entire era. From Screaming Hand all the way back to the earliest Santa Cruz Skateboards logo, Jim was there.

While his last book (Surf, Skate & Rock Art of Jim Phillips), told Jim’s life story and featured all of his artistic endeavors, this volume focuses strictly on his work in the skateboard world and collects every single piece of artwork that he ever did for a skateboard company.

It’s a beautiful book, in full color. The graphics leap off the page at you. If you’re at all familiar with them, you’ll instantly be taken back to a time in your life when you were younger and standing at the top of a half pipe waiting to drop in or flipping through an old issue of Thrasher, only this time without your fingertips getting all black…. The pictures throw you into such a nostalgic daze that you almost forget that there is some writing there too...lots of it. There are stories behind many famous graphics, as well as tales from the fabled Phillips Studios and firsthand accounts from many of the young artists who got their start working for Jim. As much as I love all of Jim’s past work, one of the best parts of this book is the inclusion of his stellar return to the skate world after so many years out of the game. He is cranking out some killer stuff and it rounds out the book nicely. This is absolutely a must have for any skater, artist…hell, everyone should have this! –Ty Stranglehold (Schiffer Books, 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA19310)