SKATE KORPSE: Self-Titled: 7" EP

Jul 06, 2007

I like what they’re going after. 2004’s answer to JFA’s Blatant Localism, perhaps with some McRad and Clay Wheels thrown in for good measure. In other words, they want to resuscitate skate rock in its original form. (Think Barking Trucks and Blazing Wheels, not the soundtrack to that asshole of a movie, Grind.) The instrumental, “Badlands,” is fantastic, but as a whole, Skate Korpse lacks the deep and fluid styles that past bands have already developed and mastered. If I saw them live and they sound like they do on record, I’d have to yell out, “More Los Olvidados in the monitors, dudes!” Decoded, that means I want it more snarling, more visceral. I want more kinky twelve-foot backyard pools to be directly in their music, not just the words they’re singing. Definitely has some potential.

 –todd (Punx Before Profits)

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