Mar 27, 2008

Copenhagen punks that put a lot of nice work in their digipack: foil-stamped cover, big booklet full of lyrics, nice layout, great crusty artwork throughout, and lyrics sung in both Danish and English. Gotta admit, I have no idea why they decided to just foil-stamp the cover and not put to use any, you know, ink, so it’s just this all-black cover with some bumps on it. Lack of accessibility aside, they’re doing some nice work here. High-energy, simple, quick, and dirty eight-song EP of political punk that sounds like the dude from Against All Authority if he became an ex-pat and dropped the horn section. Recording’s level, there’s some nice guitar sections that provide a break from the straight 1-2-3-4, and their politics are spot-on and right there in the open. The effort shows, gentlemen.

 –keith (Skarpretter)