SIXER: Beautiful Trash: CD

May 27, 2009

I heard this band on the last TKO Punch Drunk comp, so I vaguely knew what to expect. They have ex-Ann Beretta guys in their lineup and what we have here is not too far off. Sixer plays mid-tempo punk with emphasis on rock. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I liked this CD. The songs have a lack of hooks, making them unmemorable. They also seem to bypass catchiness for an almost underlying rock sound. There are a few of the songs that hit the mark, most notably “Get Well Card,” but overall it leaves me uninterested. This CD kind of reminds me of a second rate version of The Dragons. Nothing terrible, but nothing spectacular either. I’ll pass. –Mike Dunn

 –guest (BYO)

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FOX FACE: Teen Wiccan: 7”

November 29, 2016
As the four teenagers exit the city bus, the driver calls after them, “You girls watch out for those weirdos.” Their ostensible leader—Nancy Downs, clad in all black—turns and lowers her red sunglasses. “We are the weirdos, mister,” she replies, holding the driver’s gaze with a serpentine smile as the doors close. This moment from the 1996 film, The Craft, reverberated through an entire generation of outcasts, reaffirming for them the connection between feminine power and witchcraft. Milwaukee quartet, Fox Face, exist in a similar realm: a musical coven who call the four corners of garage, punk, goth, and riot grrrl to conjure a creepy and brooding, yet youthful and defiant sound. With two EPs already under their cloaks, the band once again invoke the spirit of angst and power chords on their three-song single, Teen Wiccan. Side A opens with the title track—a merry binding of shouted incantations and crashing cymbals—followed by the faster, groovier “Boogie Man,” which intersperses night-surf guitars with harbinger warnings of “Never go to sleep! Never count sheep!” Side B summons the foreboding, chuggy “Tar,” a thoroughly entrancing goth-garage assault. The cult-y artwork enshrouding the single further strengthens Fox Face’s dark frequency, as if an occult hand had designed it specifically to beckon fellow witchy weirdos to their circle. The single’s download code is tacked to the back of an original fox-centric rendering of the Tarot “Moon,” a sly nod to the dualities of vision and illusion, genius and madness, and guidance and trickery. Nancy Downs would be proud… –Kelley O’Death (Chop Haus,
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