Jan 19, 2007

There used to be a low-down sleaze-fuck band here in the Twin Cities called the Coffin Cheaters, and they were to the local “scene” what halfwit serial killer Otis Toole would be to the Pope’s funeral, especially if he had his pants down and was pleasuring himself in one of the pews. They were loud and unscrubbed and they were one of my favorite bands to go listen to. Then came a parting of ways and the band split up and I was left standing there wondering where I would get my next fix of crushing scumpunk. Fortunately for me, Six Six Crush has arisen from the ashes of the burned down outhouse that was the Coffin Cheaters. And SSC, like all good children, carry on the parent’s perversions; the perversions in this case being a tendency to pound listeners over the heads with a concrete toilet plunger—albeit without the Mentors-esque lyrics the Coffin Cheaters were known for. I don’t know who I like better, the Coffin Cheaters or Six Six Crush, but that’s sorta like arguing about whose trouser pike was bigger, Rasputin or Uncle Milty. This band is the snarling offspring of one evil motherfucker of a band and I for one am glad that this pissed-in gene pool will continue to kick and claw its way up (or down) the evolutionary ladder, one way or another. Fans of the Midnight Evils might want to check these guys out. I can’t wait for the full length.

 –aphid ([email protected])