SIX LETTERS ADDRESSED TO YOU #1: 5 ½” x 8 ½”, photocopied, 42 pgs.

Jun 03, 2011

“This is a zine composed of letters. I have left the addresse [sic] blank because there are so many of yous [sic] that I write to. Some I know, some are dead, still others have yet to be born. Some I love, some I fight with and against, some I see every day, and some I miss very much.” With this description, Patrokolos’s letters sound a lot like the writing process itself; and what is writing, anyway, but a letter to someone or everyone? His writing is especially suited to the letter formula because it’s so intimate and warm that it seems like a close friend opening up to you. Patrokolos is a radical anarchist, a sexual abuse survivor, a traveler, a book enthusiast, but—most of all—he’s a deep, introspective person. Each piece in here is heartfelt and rich with humanity; so much that it’s too much to take in all at once. He writes to us about bad patterns that he gets into in relationships with women, as a result of his childhood of abuse. There is a letter to a lost lover who he hopes to find once again. He cites passages from books and writes about his appreciation of them. He quotes Machiavelli and tells us how he identifies with him. An anarchist who identifies with Machiavelli? How does that work? I refuse to explain it. You’ve just got to read this zine. His voice is meditative and soft-spoken, but so lonely and humanistic that Six Letters is like a quiet storm of dreams and anguish and, hopefully, for his sake, some redemption. I have to leave you with another quote, hopefully, to get you to order this, but, if not, just to share it: “Though my heart is constant, the way it expresses itself is ever variable. But what is constant in my heart? It is the love I carry and my desire to find others. Others who may have lost many things in this world, but who may have drawn a line around the love in their hearts and who will defend that love at all costs.” This is empowered writing.  (Patrokolos, PO Box 522006, Salt Lake City, UT84125, [email protected])