SISSY SPACEK: Vanishing Point: EP flexi

Jul 19, 2011

I like noise/experimental music. Always have, always will. The reasons vary. Mainly, because it goes far beyond all the hardcore bands saying shit like “destroy all music.” Well, noise bands—or individuals—certainly destroy all preconceptions of music. I always want to hear something new, something that widens my view of the world and broadens my horizons. Noise and experimental music is the perfect vehicle for getting there. And, often times, I like noise because it can slow down my mind when thoughts are racing faster than I can comprehend. There’s nothing like a few minutes of blasting white noise and ungodly distortion to get me grounded. Like today, feeling overwhelmed, slightly burnt out, and just not “in the mood,” I put on this Sissy Spacek flexi. Short loud blasts of drums, noise, and someone in the background with a raspy scream. Played it over and over for a while. I feel better now. Thanks.

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie,

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