SIRS, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP

Feb 26, 2009

Seems that I’ve heard variations of The Sirs over the years: regional bands with someone in the band that has a good enough job on the side to put out some vinyl. Melodic, but not pop punk or melodic hardcore. Sorta garagey in the guitars, but not a garage band. Slight delay in the vocals, so the quality of the vocals has an up-front Pennywise feel; and I have a feeling a Pennywise reference is not what they’re going for. It’s fine for a band to not be genre-locked, but The Sirs just don’t leave much of an impression on the ground they occupy. I have a feeling that they can see much more interesting points, but they’re just not there as a band. Sorry to say, but pretty generic stuff.

 –todd (Psychic Volt, no address)