SIRENS, THE: More Is More: CD

Jul 24, 2007

Note to glam bands that suck: This is how not to suck. Although I’d like to hear the group take a whack at an original song or two, covering three Chapman-Chinn era Sweet songs, a pair of tunes off the MC5’s “Back In The USA” album, the Hollywood Blondes and a generally overlooked Slade gem (“Rock & Roll Preacher,” fuck yes) is not a bad way to go, especially when you toss in the fact that I’m not familiar with a bunch of the songs they’re covering (gasp!), rendering them de facto originals for all intents and purposes. Any band that covers more than one song I have on my jukebox is obviously worthy of intense veneration, so venerate away, masses, or they’ll suspect you just haven’t got a clue what to do and you will be summarily killed with a wink of their eye. So it is written. BEST SONG: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Preacher” BEST SONG TITLE: “1-2-3-4 Rock & Roll” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Saturday Night” IS the Bay City Rollers song. Contrast with Venus review. FANTASTIC AMAZING CODPIECE: Malarsh.

 –norb (MuSick)

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