SIREN SONGS: Demo 2011 II: Cassette

“I didn’t experience fireworks, as they call them, until I was thirty three,” a deep and scratchy-voiced woman says on this tape long after the songs are over. It’s not a sample, it’s because this demo was recorded over a thrifted or dumpstered tape promoting some kind of love enhancing pill or potion. This is also probably the reason for the drag in parts of the songs, too. The fireworks, however, weren’t on this tape until Siren Songs started recording their punk songs over the original program. Siren Songs play female-fronted pop punk that is scrappy and raw enough to be irresistible. Legs’s voice is full of integrity and the sloppy warmth of young punk, but what stands out is how wonderfully imperfect her voice is. I’ve really been enjoying the wave of female-fronted bands with flawless and immaculate vocals like P.S Eliot, The Measure [SA], and Reading Group, but it’s refreshing to hear a return to some good ol’ punk rock grit, which Legs has by the score, for instance, on “Nuclear Son,” by far the best song on the album with its fast drumming and bouncing bass line. It’s a song written by a male member of the band whose ragged voice comes in on chorus and it’s a fast and desperate barnburner of a love song. “Nuclear Son” isn’t quite topped on the rest of the album, but the tone is definitely set for a bunch or really great pop punk songs from a band that you’ll be hearing about soon enough. So you can either download from their Bandcamp site or get a copy recorded over something that sucks for five dollars or trade. I would recommend the latter. It’s got some awesome art and I’m starting to like that part where it drags during the second song. Maybe you’ll get a similar idiosyncrasy.

 –Craven (Self-released,