SINGULARS, THE: Pet Sounds (for Alexia): 2 x 7”

Jul 25, 2008

Fucking awesome. This is comic gold. Pure comedic genious. With lyrics like “I can’t find my dick in this shit in my pants at the dog park” and a song about fucking a pastry, how could I not laugh? (Well, I guess I could “grow up.”) The music that accompanies these irreverent lyrics sounds somewhere between a group of people coincidentally banging out patterns on their instruments and songs written five minutes before they were recorded. There’s even a track that has some semblance of a rap song. Though I really enjoy listening to this myself, I think that the greatest joy I get from these couple of 7”s is the thought of trapping somebody in a room and making him or her listen to this clusterfuck over and over. I’m filing this one under schadenfreude.

 –Vincent (Self-released?)

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