SINGING DOGS: Deja-Voodoo Blues: 10”

The ten-inch is the dumbest standard vinyl format and the two-piece is the dumbest standard band format. This is a ten-inch recording of a two-piece band. Do the math. Two-piece bands that come out of the punk scene ((or something tangent to it)) usually seem like they’re favored by guitarists who imagine themselves to have much more of a psychic mandate to publicly explore the blues idiom than they actually have; without anything but a lone guitar, drums, and some vocals to hold my attention, said attention usually gets shanghaied right quick. Note how much things perk up when the band tosses some vaguely “Sympathy for the Devil”-esque guitar overdubs in “Whisky & Blues!” Case in point, Magoo! I can say no more because, as described elsewhere this issue, i live in fear of voodoo reprisal. Pass the chicken. BEST SONG: “Whisky & Blues” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sick of Being Sick,” which is not the Damned song. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Last time i checked, a ten-inch record cost more to press than a twelve-inch.

 –norb (Primitive)