SINCE BY MAN: We Sing The Body Electric: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Metal, but metal of that new fancy kind where they use slick, spare, modern artsy graphics, have a lot of different parts to the songs, appear to be making some manner of aesthetic overture to pseudointellectuals and occasionally wear hammer and sickle t-shirts. I kinda wanted to read thru the lyrics just to see if they used the word "sophistry," but i never got around to it. WORST SONG: Whatever one's longest, i guess. WORST SONG TITLE: "Parole En Liberta." FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Back cover contains claim that "Helvetica Is The Typeface Of Bourgeois Consumption," which was a pretty rad typographical thought, say, IN ABOUT 1985 or something. In contrast, the font the band uses for the lyrics – Monotype Ehrhardt maybe? – looks like the kinda thing one typesets theater programs in, or maybe those sissy menus they have on the chairs in the good seats at Chicago Bulls games.

 –norb (Revelation)

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