SINAOLA: Same: 12” EP

Jul 06, 2010

Sinaola are an old school throwback to the original emo hardcore sound of the late 1980s / early 1990s. Even though the band hails from Massachusetts, this cryptic, four-song, one-sided 12” EP is on the German label Adagio 830. One side of the vinyl contains the songs, and the other side is etched. Each song builds naturally, with no sense of pretense. It doesn’t feel like a tribute to that short-lived sound that permeated the underground briefly and, instead, works on its own. Next time you hear some metal douche complaining about “emo kids,” play them this hearty band and set them straight. I want to go back and fill the holes in my Ebullition collection now. Sinaola is some powerful shit!

 –Art Ettinger (Adagio 830,