SIN REMEDIO: Border Hoppin’ Hardcore: CD

May 20, 2010

Los Angeles’s Sin Remedio play music from two poles: grindcore and norteños. They play these widely divergent styles of music with equal focus and power. My favorite tracks are where they oscillate and blend the two styles. “Manias del Pensamiento” is a prefect example. The women’s sweeter voices hover over the ragged rubble of the guys’ voices; there’s a nice and tender sweep of instruments before the rough and broken concrete crash of guitars. In a lot of ways, tracks like this make me instantly think of East L.A. itself. Seeing innocent things—like a public park taken over for a kid’s birthday, bright piñatas and balloons, Esponja Bob jumpy castle—surrounded by walls and sidewalks of graffiti, haloed by barbed wire snagging trash above nearby buildings. It’s this contrast of dark and light, celebration and decay, that makes Sin Remedio such an interesting and memorable band. My only question mark about this album—due to how textured and multi-moded their sound is—is how it would sound recorded more fully. I’m not saying Fleetwood Mac full, Tragedy full, so you can hear both the atomic blasts and the more floral, delicate nuances. If you’re into hardcore, Sin Remedio is well worth your time.

 –todd (Sin Remedio,