SIMPLY SAUCER: Baby Nova: 12” EP

After reading about this band for decades, this is my first time hearing them. From all that I’ve read, these guys used to be more of a mix of punk with psychedelia and krautrock. On this album, recorded back in 2011, this sounds like an interpretation of Detroit proto punk like the Stooges and MC 5. Grooving low end, more rock’n’roll “let loose” attitude, and less chin stroking that comes from krautrock and prog. Not to mention I hear elements that sound like they could have come from mid 1960s horror films. I do like the indulgent workout ending of the title track, when they lose themselves in the song and don’t return. “Dance the Mutation” has shades of the Music Machine blended in the overall Detroit sound. “I Take It” is largely a poppy psych song with the grit of rock that keeps it from being lush, as well as adding that desperation that makes it convincing. I like it. 

 –M.Avrg (Schizophrenic)