SILVER TONGUED DEVIL: Red-Eyed and Tongue-Tied: CD

This is fully revved thunder-rumble rock’n’roll rowdiness as obscenely loud and lewd as the roaring flames of Hell itself! It’s bad-ass, ballsy, and sinfully blistering… high-octane audial attitude that’s mean, miscreant, and motherfuckin’ maniacal! STD harshly unleash a sonic assault of ear-incinerating wickedness (raucously replete with gargoyle-growl vocals and fiercely embittered battle bombardments of instrumental madness!) that rampantly runs circles around The Stooges, Motorhead, AC/DC, and Zeke. Hot damn indeed, this is the devil’s music, and it’s sizzle-fryin’ my ears somethin’ fierce!

 –guest (Get Hip Recordings)