I had roommates in the ‘80s who’d keep me up by playing my records at all hours of the night, and one of the chief weapons with which they’d assail my sleep hygiene was that Rites Of Spring album (the DC band, not the Stravinsky ballet). Consequently, I tend to hear Rites Of Spring influences everywhere, kind of like a post-traumatic head disorder or something, and that band’s sound is lodged in my head so deeply that I can’t even break it down for analysis. Therefore, all I can really say when a band reminds me of Rites Of Spring is “this band reminds me of Rites Of Spring,” and then you gotta go figure out what that means for yourself. So, yes. This fine Massachusetts trio reminds me of Rites Of Spring, albeit a cleaner, sharper, less recorded-in-a-barn sounding Rites Of Spring, plus spring-wound percussive tension and Mission Of Burma-y guitar chords for levity. Also includes a cover of “Wash Away,” off of TSOL’s Beneath the Shadows album, which was—of course—another of my records with which i’d be harangued at 3 AM on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Now i probably won’t sleep tonight, thanks a lot, Sean! BEST SONG: “Infinite Mirror.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Climbing Mt.Rumpke.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Cover art by Chris Shary, who has done a bunch of rad stuff for the Descendents and All!

 –norb (Self-released)