Silent Pictures: By Pat Graham By Daryl Gussin

Jan 23, 2008

This book opens up with an introduction by Ian MacKaye, then photographs of Nation Of Ulysses, Born Against, and Bikini Kill. Fuck. To say the least, Pat Graham was there for some amazing shows, and, luckily, he had a goddamn camera in his hands and the ability to use it. There are a lot of bands in this book that lean toward the indie side of independent music, and a lot of bands that I’ve just plain never heard of, but the one’s I’m familiar with make it more than worth it. The diversity of the photos creates its own tone, which lifts this book from the level of “band photos” to more of a story of Pat’s life; the travels he has gone on and the friendships he has created. Multiple times, this book had me going, “Fuck, I don’t like that band, but they look really good in this photo.” I guess that’s just Pat doing what he does. –Daryl (Akashic Books, PO Box 1456, New York, NY10009)


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