SILENT ERA: 2014: Cassette

Mar 17, 2015

Silent Era’s first show, which I was lucky enough to catch, was on a cold-as-shit rainy night. (I’m in California, so no need to pity me.) In a dank, filthy garage, my sweaty face reluctantly pressed against someone’s spiked leather jacket, I tried so desperately to sneak a glace through the packed crowd to see the where such immense vocals were coming from. I never did get a good look until the crowd cleared. Much to my surprise, the vocalist was a tiny, fresh-faced woman. Michelle’s vocals are huge, deep, and heavy, The expanse of her range can only come from a much-practiced voice, and, of course, raw talent. Think of a more subdued Pleasure Leftist approach. I should mention that she also plays guitar for the New Flesh, but here she’s front and center. Speaking of the New Flesh, Matt, who plays guitar for both New Flesh and Silent Era, has his hallmark guitar work just as much at the forefront as the vocals with his incredibly melodic dark post-punk sound. The riffs are intricate and complex, but still incredibly raw and catchy, which elevates their sound to a whole new level. It has the slower ebb of, say, the Cure and Arctic Flowers, but still somehow keeps things fresh and upbeat with Greg’s backbone of straightforward drums and the flourish of rapturous guitar on top. I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Get this tape! 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Self-released, silenterabayarea.bandcamp)