SIGNAL LOST: Prosthetic Screams: LP

Jul 24, 2007

Signal Lost got it all together for this release. It’s like the bringing together of the storm from all these little pieces: the artwork, the recording, and most importantly, the songs seem to etch fresh, new tattoos on their body of work. I don’t know if this makes sense, but Prosthetic Screams sounds like an interpretation of L.A.’s early ‘80s deathrockers Super Heroines via modern DIY European hardcore band like La Fraction. There’s that nice, dark ethereal quality backed by a modern crunch, fight, and crispness. It’s both foreboding and forceful. Both dark, yet defiant. Great stuff. Makes me imagine that this would be one of Edgar Allan Poe’s favorite bands if he were alive today.

 –todd (Prank)