SIGN OFFS, THE: self-titled: CD

Feb 05, 2009

The Sign Offs belligerently unleash a berserk ear-blistering roar of crunchy, hard-rockin’ punk’n’roll ferocity that’s as spastic, crazed, and out-of-control as it gets! They’re angry, young, insolent, and pissed-off, and they raucously generate a chaotic cacophony of hopelessness, desperation, and self-destruction. Take the most hyperactive elements of Smogtown, D-Generation, Sex Pistols, and Dead Boys, launch ‘em through the huge, gaping barrel of a megaton nuclear cannon, then sit back and enjoy the auditory fireworks as The Sign Offs turn the entire rock’n’roll world upside down. This full-force sonic spectacle is utterly amazing and downright impressive beyond belief! I demand that it be played at my funeral, because it’ll surely raise me from the dead with a big ol’ shit-eatin’ smirk draped across my face. –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Disaster)