SIERPIEZ: Zawsze Hasze: LP

Sierpies have an interesting sound. You could put them on the post-punk spectrum, and I do hear shades of Joy Division in their music, but they’re not entirely dark or morose, as there are poppy elements in their stew, such as the song “Dagon Loves Surf.” Plodding and catchy, and though I have no idea of what they’re singing about, there is a sense of sun breaking through the gray clouds. The percussion here is really good, very effective without being bombastic. The pace is steady, sometimes tribal, with just the necessary amount of flash. The bass keeps everything moving forward, while the guitar brings the cold. Artem speaks the words more than he sings, effectively conveying emotion and giving you an idea what the song may be about. I can’t find too much information on these guys. Song titles are mostly translated into English on the sheet that would usually have lyrics printed on them, but here you just get lineup (two folks: Artem, and Denis), and where it was recorded, which was at Same Day Records in Moscow. Other than that, I can’t find anything else, such as what label this is on. Good luck. 

 –M.Avrg (No address listed)