SIEGE: Drop Dead: CD

Nov 28, 2006

Although I would argue the point that these guys are the originators of “grindcore”—sorry, but Deep Wound predates ‘em by at least a year—I will concede that they definitely had the largest worldwide influence, thanks in no small part to their inclusion on Pushead’s Cleanse the Bacteria comp and their earlier “Drop Dead” demo. As evidenced by this nine-song, seventeen-minute “discography” of nearly everything the band released (only one other song by a later lineup is apparently out there), the reverence they’ve been afforded by bands like Infest, Drop Dead and, yes, Napalm Death is well-deserved, as they were one motherfucker of a band, indeed. Eight of the tracks whiz by like a Mack truck lobbed at your noggin by a very pissed off Superman, delivered at breakneck velocity, this was a harbinger of the deluge of a legion of less talented bands that followed in their wake. Although many have upped the speed quotient, only a paltry few have managed to come close to matching Siege’s sheer muscle. Plop it on and be amazed, kid.

 –jimmy (Deranged)