May 26, 2008

This band from Elgin, Illinois, a shitty town on the outskirts of Chicago, has really gotten to me more and more with each listen. They call themselves punk rock, which is fair, but to give you a little more, it has those kind of longer breakdowns, comparable to that Gainesville sound. However, me saying that would probably piss them off. Their lyrics are quality and of a socio/personal-political nature. The music gives off a sort of frustrated, yearning feel that fills the listener with a sense of longing for something that this society can’t offer. Good stuff. I haven’t been writing music reviews for very long, but for as long as I have, those stupid promo one-sheeter things with all the name dropping and bad band description have been mandatory. So, I thought it was cool as hell that Sidewalk Cracks’ version of one was just handwritten on notebook paper and photocopied. Now that’s just cute. 

 –Craven (Self-released, no address)