Jul 06, 2010

Sidetracked: Nine tracks on one side of a 6” record? Yup! Trying to soak it up was hard because of having to get up every few minutes to restart the record. Something about the vocalist reminded me of the singer of Deadfall playing in an even faster band. They belt some heavier slow numbers, too, but don’t dabble too long before your attention might sway. No-bullshit fastcore that makes you feel like a seatbelt needs to be secured for the ride. Hummingbird Of Death: Really bummed I didn’t make it out to their show recently when they came through. Work has really brought down my energy level lately. Their last release Show Us the Meaning of Haste was one of my favorite releases last year. Continuing on from that release, they unleash five new tunes that show that they can bring on the aggression and slap your face so fast that you don’t know where the hand came from. I like the dirtiness of their sound that paints no pretty picture. Fast or slow, they do it with concise precision in the same way Magrudergrind pleases my senses. I am a lame douche for not going to see them. By the way, who is that a picture of on my insert?

 –don (Cowabunga)