SIDEKICKS, THE: Awkward Breeds: CD

I saw these guys last year with Bomb The Music Industry, and they were alright live. I can’t really get into this album, though. The clean indie rock, punk/emo here makes me think of the early Get Up Kids but with less danger and grit. Which is a bit of an odd thing since I never really have thought of TGUK as the most incorrigible crew of degenerate brigands. Singer Steven Ciolek does have a distinct yelp though, which pushes some songs into noticeable territory. “1940’s Fighter Jet,” in particular, has an ear-worm of a vocal melody. I would say this falls into the odd Lemonheads territory of a netherworld between melodic punk and indie music. As such, it’s tough to ever be in the mood to throw this on for a listen, as it never really quite satisfies the mood for either.

 –Adrian Salas (Red Scare)