Side A: The Music Lover’s Graphic Novel: Edited by Rachel Dukes, 136 pgs. By Keith

Nov 26, 2007

The premise to Side A is really great: a graphic novel featuring a diverse group of comic artists, all penning works about their introduction to or love of music. While I was familiar with very few of the artists—consider that a testament to my ignorance—it doesn’t reflect on the quality of stuff contained within. Actually, considering the diversity of styles and approaches presented here, Side A’s of a pretty consistent caliber, both in the storytelling and visual presentations. Regular ‘Cake readers will of course be familiar with Ben Snakepit (and his “Is it the Dead Milkmen? Or is it Cryptic Slaughter?” comic here is awesome, by the way), but there are also some really great pieces by Arbee Chapnik (lip-syncing to Bad Religion in high school! Egads!), Lawrence Gullo, Sara Shay and Corey Marie Parkhill, Liz Greenfield, Rachel Dukes, and Mara and Sam Merwin. Overall, it was also really interesting to see just how many people found themselves “into” music after hearing Nirvana—though that’s by no means, or even close, to the foundation of many of these comics. All in all, it’s a nice, diverse piece of work. Comes with the Winter Bloo split 7”. –Keith Rosson (Poseur Ink, 7322 Mesa College Dr. #12, San Diego, CA92111)