Sid Vicious: Final 24: His Final Hours

Aug 31, 2010

The last 24 hours in the life of Sid Vicious have always been shrouded in mystery. Many, like myself, just assumed he quietly cleaned his apartment, did Sudoku puzzles, and made tofu pad thai for dinner. Either that, or he did heroin and puked for 24 hours. Out on bail on charges of murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon (of which he has no recollection) and accompanied by his crazy-ass enabler mom, Sid was on his last legs and facing his inevitable demise. What could he have been thinking? What ultimately lead to his death? Did he tell anyone to “Piss off!” in a funny Cockney British accent? Thankfully, this documentary DVD provides the answers to these probing questions.

This is fantastic stuff, extremely well produced (it originally aired on the Discovery Channel in Canada) and filled with firsthand accounts from the likes of former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Sid’s lawyer, and even the late Pistol manager/Svengali himself, Malcolm Mclaren. It also includes some great clumsily acted dramatizations, which you know you want to see. The British voiceover guy was my personal favorite part of this though, as he makes lines like “his mum bought his heroin” sound pleasant and soothing. Highly recommended, not just for fans of Sid Vicious or punk rock, but for people that like murder mystery/unsolved crime newsmagazine TV shows. –Andy Conway (MVD Entertainment Group,