Nov 30, 2010

Sick/Tired sure do know how to blur the lines between the genres of grindcore, party thrash, and stoner sludge (I refuse to call anything stoner rock because it conjures up images of Fu Manchu and that’s a sandwich I’d rather not bite into again.) The word “blur” is by no means an understatement in describing the mayhem unleashed when the needle hits the record. B’s a plenty: blast beats, bile-spewing vocals, and bulldozing guitar riffage are crammed into every groove of this platter. However, I’m a bit sad to report that despite how good it looks on paper, I don’t see myself fishing this out of my collection too often. It’s a fun listen for sure and it’s not to say that there is anything particularly wrong with this album. You could definitely do a lot worse. You could be listening to Fu Manchu.

 –Juan Espinosa (To Live A Lie,

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