SICKS, THE: Pretty Plastic: 7” single

Okay, I know I need to tell you more than just “This record is fucking awesome! Run out and get it, now!” Tough and catchy modern punk rock (which is not always as bad as it may sound, especially in this case) from out of Pittsburgh that features a lot of ex-members from other bands from that city, but, really, this band is damn good enough that we don’t really need to walk down that path to want to pick this up. Really, you could say that all their prior experience was a warm up to this record (and I’m imagining future recordings). The title track is well deserving of being a title track, for sure. They tap into that primal energy with the repetitive beat that is no frills, just lean and mean. The guitar is up in your face, pulling you in and shoving you from place to place, while the vocalist declares himself with “It’s a sickness!” and everyone else piling in right behind him. “Dose” on the flip brings the lights down just a little bit, with the bass starting off as the song steadily builds over time to a solid mid-tempo gait. Okay, now I’d like to say, “This record is fucking awesome! Run out and get it now!” And it comes on pink vinyl, in case you get jazzed about those sort of things. 

 –M.Avrg (Fair Warning)