SICKOIDS: Self-titled: LP

You want to know how I can tell a record is good? When I shake my head in disbelief and look towards my turntable from where I’m sitting, as if to say, “Fuck you for being so good!” This sort of feeling I was not expecting. I’d only heard of Sickoids in passing and decided I’d ignore the band with the goofy name. Big mistake: from this Philly three-piece, this is seriously some of the best hardcore I have heard in quite some time. The first song violently grabs you by the collar and continues to pummel you for a full length’s worth of untouchable manic hardcore flawlessly executed in the great tradition of modern Midwest and East Coast heroes such as Manipulation and Double Negative. Can’t say enough good things about this record: go find, now!

 –Juan Espinosa (Residue)