SICK SICK BIRDS: All the Fins in the Sea: 7” EP

It’s the details in the craft that make me pause and breathe. All the bits fit artfully, but it doesn’t garishly draw attention to itself. All the Fins in the Seasounds handmade, yet celebrating the natural grain of song. Part of the reward is the repeated contemplation, be it punk-made pop songs, sunsets, rural roads, or the ocean ebbing and flowing. It’s the opposite of quick edits, manipulated stadium roar, and flash! flash! flash! It’s also cool to see how some legacies unfold. The Thumbs left a huge impression on me years ago, but I know better than to gag and bind Mike Hall by his legacy. On this four-songer, Sick Sick Birds play poetic, slow-rolling, shimmering music that gains weight with repeat listens. It’s really quite beautiful and poignant at every angle, from the lyrics (“You’ve got to speed up to keep up with the rising cost of flesh and the falling price of tenderness”), to the hand-cut (not die-cut) cardboard stock cover, to the watercolor on the download card. 

 –todd (Ghostbot)