SICK PLEASURE: Destroy the Human Race: 7”

Sep 18, 2001

Long has it been since I dusted off my copies of the vinyl releases from whence this came. This was one of my favorite groups back when I was a kid. Many a day was spent cranking “Three Seconds of Pleasure” and “Disintegration” from a shitty stereo and jumping around with my guitar, pretending I was in the band. Nikki Sikki’s voice was so obnoxious and the songs were so crude that you had to love ‘em. Interestingly enough, I’d never noticed it before, but it seems that Nikki pretty much took the lyrics from many of these songs and reused them for his stint in the equally brilliant Verbal Abuse. Anyway, what you get here is four songs from the split LP they did with Code of Honor (who were basically the same band as Sick Pleasure, only with a different singer) and most of the first side of their 7” EP. Thanks are due to the guy responsible for this. Now every record I listen to for the next month ain’t gonna sound too hot.

 –jimmy (Bootleg)