Punk rock from Oceanside, Calif. Guitar frenzy with less metal-sounding influence than some of their earlier stuff, and solid vocals. In the words of Kenny Bojarski (who heard I was reviewing this record and was all like, “You should just use my Facebook review”): “It’s like you haven’t eaten all day and In-N-Out is right down the street. So you get in the car but once the record starts playing all of the sudden you don’t want the closest meal available to you; you’d rather drive halfway across town to get that burrito because that record reminds you that you’re worth the best.” Well, I dig this record, too. I absolutely don’t like “A Red House and Bones” (too slow, just weird, and doesn’t do them any favors). Otherwise, in a way similar to Sic Waiting’s 2012 EP and pop punk in general, I absolutely adore like, one-fifth of it and the rest is pretty good. In this case, ten tracks total means two tracks I can’t stop listening to. On this release, those are “Active Alumni” and “The Salesman.” They remind me that I am worth the best.

 –Maddy (Felony,