SIAMESE TWINS: “In a Box” b /w “Stutter”: 7”

Nov 27, 2012

This Massachusetts mash-up of members from Libyans, Ampere, and Confines deliver their vinyl debut. On the heels of their debut cassette, this trio of twins claims their stake in the hinterlands between post-punk and dream pop. “In a Box” takes a liking to early Cranes and 4AD material. Underscored guitars and vocals beget their chilly, autumnal, sweater-wearing sound. “Stutter” rolls into a droll bass line only Joy Division or early The Cure are capable of. Hooky wisps of female vox punch through the funeral procession to land somewhere between The Shroud and whimsical Elizabeth Fraser. Just in time for fall. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Labor Of Love,

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