SHUT UP, STUPID: Self-titled: CS

Oct 28, 2015

My tape player effectively ate the shit out of this cassette after a couple listens. The trials and tribulations of the cassette tape. Sigh. Shut Up, Stupid is a musical chairs of sorts (forgive my un-punk but apt analogy) with members of RAD switching it up with Charles Albright on lead vocals, Lori on drums, and

Craig on bass. Speaking of Charles Albright (this time the band), Adam who plays bass for said band is on bass. Are you following? They dabble in late ‘70s Ramones, with a whole lot of screamy Charles Albright, fast RAD riffs, and DRI pit build up and breakdowns. Make sense? Anybody familiar with the Sacramento punk scene will understand this clear as day. If you’re lucky you might actually catch a show or two, because this amalgamation might last as long as my cassette.   –Camylle Reynolds (SAC)

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