SHOWOFFS, THE: Shocker: 7"

Apr 16, 2009

The Showoffs have a lot in common with bands I really like. This is fast and raw and fucked up enough to sound like it could’ve been on the legendary Beach Blvd. comp. These songs have a lot to do with the early Crowd songs, but also sound a lot like the Bodies and other Hostage bands. This record would come heavily recommended, but the lyrics are just too repetitive. Shocker is one of those records that you listen to and you can guess the names of all the songs on the first listen because “Psycho Girl” goes, “She’s a psycho girl/ psycho girl/ psycho girl/ (repeat indefinitely)” and “Pyromaniac” goes “Pyromaniac/ pyromaniac/ pyromaniac (repeat indefinitely).” There’s also a naked lady on the cover, too. I just thought that would be a good thing to mention.

 –sean (Noma Beach)