SHOUTING SHORELINES #2: 8 ½” x 7”, 56 pgs., $?

Nov 22, 2011

A zine by (and for…?) the Long Island punk community. Location is the cohesion here, which I think works to its benefit. I always kind of write off Long Island as this gruff-pop-punked sixth borough of NYC, and reading about the troubles, frustrations, and efforts to keep tent poles down there as rents rise and more people leak out into Brooklyn and beyond, helped me shake that notion. Those aspects of the zine interested me most—the show reviews and band interview didn’t really hold my interest, and I will probably never make use of the mushroom foraging tips, vegan recipes, resource list—but that’s the lesson I had to learn. This zine is not really for me, but for a community separate and distinct from mine, and that is exciting and commendable. –Dave Brainwreck (, [email protected])