SHOTGUN MONDAY: Read Compare Adjust: CD

Sep 27, 2006

It’s ex-members of two bands whose other members went on to be Sean Na Na, Har Mar Superstar, Pretty Girls Make Graves and These Arms Are Snakes (kind of a weird selling point if you ask me. I mean, I was in a band with people who were later in Avail and the Debbie Harry Band, but that doesn't mean Anxious Poop was any goddamn good) creating scads of mopy tension with their dense guitars and drum-hitting, but frankly the guy’s Fread Moon whine kills it for me as often as not (the not times might be when another guy sings, or maybe the first guy just sings quietlyer). I guess one of the parent bands, Calvin Krime, was on Amphetamine Reptile, though I don’t remember them, and that sound is here, but I think they lean more toward a poppier Mergey sound.

 –doug (Modern Radio)