SHORT SHARP SHOCK: SSS, Self-titled: CD, 7” EP

Apr 09, 2007

These guys live in that spot right smack in the middle of SOD, Slayer, and Metallica-land and manage to evoke the long gone memory of time when no one could touch those three. While never achieving such lofty heights, the full-length is nonetheless a solid enough piece of work, neither professing to be anything other than a metal record nor drowning the listener in tales of dragons or Satan. Musically, the three tunes on side one of the EP are easily the most spot-on impersonation of early SOD I’ve heard in a while. Unfortunately, the lyrics possess none of the edgy desire to piss off as many people as possible. Flip sounds like just another ‘80s speed metal tune, sans speed. Comes complete with an “Adventures in Thrash with SSS” comic insert so’s you can yuck it up whilst banging thy head.

 –jimmy (Dead and Gone)